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I'm Jenny

The Great Catsby opened in 2017 after I struggled to find anywhere to leave my pampered house cats.

When I went away I wanted someone to look after my cats who would love them like their own, someone to spoil them and give them love and cuddles in my absence.  I wanted someone who understood cats, who knew how to comfort them when they felt anxious and scared.  When I couldn't find anywhere suitable I thought I must have been the only ‘crazy cat person’ out there.

But it turned out I wasn't the only one who wanted more for their cats. I wanted somewhere safe to leave them without feeling guilty; somewhere they wouldn’t feel dumped or forgotten; somewhere they’d be loved as if they were with family.  That’s when I realised I was the person I was looking for...and so The Great Catsby was born.  

Me with one of my gorgeous guests, Suzi

My aim, at The Great Catsby, is to make sure that every cat enjoys a stress-free holiday where they feel happy and relaxed just like they would at home. 

I am passionate about cats, not just sharing my life with them but helping them to live their best possible life ever.  From a very young age, I begged my parents to let me have a cat, they weren’t cat people, (both had dogs growing up) but I changed that!  After having cats all my life I now have two amazing girls that share my home with my husband, two young boys and myself.  

For the last 16 years my cats have been house cats, they live indoors and only go outsde occasionally on a lead. Being house cats they're used to someone being around most of the day, they are used to a warm cosy house, only experiencing the British weather through a window.  They get fed on demand and have plenty of sleeping spots to choose from.  But most of all they enjoy cuddles, attention and lots of affection. 

Although The Great Catsby was designed with my own house cats in mind (at the time it was my energetic Bengal Lola and my very anxious resuce cat Lewis, sadly who have since both passed away yet their legacy continues). I knew that most cat owners would want a spacious room big enough to play, climb and jump around just like they would at home.  I also knew that cats love to sleep so a variety of comfortable sleeping places was needed.  As cats don’t tend to cope with change the rooms would need to to be quiet, insulated and not smell of other cats.  Feeding routines would be kept the same even if they're fed four times a day.  Having plenty of experinece with an anxious cat I knew the benefits of not seeing neighbouring cats so solid walls were needed.  A Pet Remedy plug-in diffuser also helps to add a natural scent to each room that has a calming effect on most cats.

The Great Catsby welcomes all cats, especially the ones who deserve a fuss and attention whilst they’re away from home.  I spend time getting to know each cat’s personality, build a bond and gain trust so that they feel settled and content.  As owners, we naturally worry about our loved ones but with daily updates and pictures you can see just what your little kitty is doing and you know you’re not coming back to any surprises. 

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